Premix is a fine powder consisting of all the essential ingredients in a definite amount. It is a very convenient, easy and fastest way to prepare your dish. Hindchef is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ice cream premix in all over India. It comes in wide varieties of dessert and varieties comes in wide flavors.

Some of the premixes are:

Ice Cream Roll Premix, Softy Premix, Frozen Yogurt Premix, Gelato Premix, Waffle Cone Premix, Belgium Waffle, Milkshake, Smoothies and many more.

Widely used Flavors:

There are so many flavors of premix. Some of the famous and widely used flavors are: Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Black Current, Mint and more. Generally, flavors of premix varies according to the your dessert. We also supply custom made premix. For this, you have to give the order before 2-3 days.

Some of the images of premix are:


Softy Ice cream Premix Powder
Roll Ice cream Premix Powder




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