Stone ice cream business

What is stone ice cream machine?

It is a counter height machine with a granite slab at the top. Granite slab is kept at a negative temperature between -14°C to -20°C. This machine is useful to mix ice cream with other ingredients or with another ice cream. You can garnish ice cream on this marble or you can create your own Sundae ice cream. So it is definitely a good add-on to your restaurant or catering business. You can open your own outlet or extend your ice cream parlor with stone ice cream. This ice cream is now must for every urban ice cream parlor.

Cold Stone MachineStone ice Cream machine models

We have Countertop and floor models available for stone ice cream machine with various sizes. The machine size is basically the size of marble which is used to mix the ice cream. We have starting model is available in 14*14 inch size of marble, It is a countertop model. You can place the machine on the counter and use it. It is the basic model to start stone ice cream or experiment with stone ice cream or use as a backup machine.
If you want to mainly focus on stone ice cream business or it is your key item then you can go for larger size machines. We have large sizes available in 24*18 inch, 36*18 inch and 48*18 inch sizes of marbles with different parameters like as containers or floor model and tabletop model. If you have any different requirement or if our standard size doesn’t match as per customer requirement then we can also provide customization for stone ice cream machine. Customization can be in various parameter like as size of the marble, height of the machine or containers etc.

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Stone ice cream TrainingCold Stone Training: We also provide training for stone ice cream. Free training is provided at our end. We also provide extended training at the customer location, which will be paid.

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