Popsicle/Ice Candy Machine

Hindchef is supplying high quality range of Popsicle ice cream machine, Popsicle/ice candy Machine, Kulfi Machine.  Popsicle ice cream machine is used to make Kulfi, Popsicle and Lolly.

Popsicle ice cream machine


  • Power: 2.8 KW
  • Volts: 220V/50Hz
  • Size: 860*780*1150 mm
  • Weight: 220 Kg
  • Gas-R22/R404a
  • Production-6000 pcs/day





  • The machine is built with luxury outward appearance.
  • Machine inside is made of purity stainless steel.
  • Several types of Popsicle moulds for selection.
  • Mould has auto-shell function and easy to work.
  • Airproof cover and keep the material use long time
  • Low capital investments with max production.
  • Easy to Operate and low cost of maintenance
  • Power Supply 220V
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