Mixing fruits with ice cream

Mixed fruit ice cream is the favorite of all age group people. It gives natural dessert taste. Children love to eat ice cream. It is easy to get kids to eat fruit as ice cream. Mixing fruits with ice cream is an art, but not complicated. You can easily mix fruits with all by guidance. Here is the detailed guidance of “how to make mixed fruit ice cream”:


Banana is a under rated food for ice cream. It blends well with all type of ice cream. You can mesh it or you can use churns of banana to make any type of ice cream. It can be classified in three types of bananas. Green Banana, Spotted banana and black banana.

  • Green Banana is an unripe banana which is not so sweet in taste and has little bitterness.
  • Spotted banana is ripe banana and has higher glucose and sugar content and has low starch content
  • Black banana is fully ripe banana which has very high glucose and sugar content with no starch content

Banana Ice creamWhile making banana ice cream you should use spotted banana to mix with ice cream. It is ideal to mix with all types of ice creams i.e. roll ice cream, stone ice cream, Gelato or any other type of ice cream. It is good for both, meshing with ice cream and having chunks of banana in ice cream. You should try it with your ice cream. Surely, you will get very perfect taste and good response. Apart from taste, Banana is rich in anti-oxidant, which is good for health.

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Strawberry is favorite food of kids and girls. To make ice cream you can use farm strawberry, ripen strawberry or Mahabaleshwar Strawberry. It is not so good looking, but it is excellent in taste. It blends very well with any type of ice cream, So you should try it. You can easily store it in deep freezer and use accordingly.  It has very good aroma with mild taste. You should never mix vanilla with strawberry. Because vanilla will subtract the taste of strawberry and it will give only the taste of vanilla. So strawberry should mix always with plain ice cream or plain ice cream base only. This is same for black berry, blue berry and other berries. Never mix vanilla ice cream or vanilla flavor with any berry.


mangoMango is a juicy and very sweet fruit.  There are various types of mangoes such as Safadi, Langra, Alphonso, Dusshera etc. The recommended type of mango is Alphonso. You just choose farm and soft type of alphonso mango. Never mix pulpy type of mango because it doesn’t give any good taste, it just adds sugar to ice cream. You can mix vanilla with mango, it will give very good taste. There is a problem while mixing with ice cream; some mangoes cannot be so sweet , it may affect the taste of ice cream. So we recommend to peal 5-10 mangoes at once, you can use its pulp to mix it with ice cream. This will be the average of the taste of mangoes, and you will get a good taste. If you are using mango in home ice cream, you should always taste it before using.

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kiwi ice cream


It is sweet fruit which gives unique flavor to ice cream. You can use farm Kiwi which is not very soft and not very hard. It is perfect for ice cream. It gives very good result with plain ice cream, not with vanilla. Either you can mesh kiwi with ice cream or you can use chunks of kiwi with ice cream.


You can use farm spotted chiku or farm grey chiku to mix with ice cream. It will give very good flavor. You can mix it with vanilla or without vanilla.

Citrus fruit

All citrus fruit like lemon, orange etc do not mix with milk base ice cream. You can add lemon to your non-milk frozen dessert recipes like lemon blast, berry blast or citrus fruit blast type of ice cream. You can mix it with sorbet base which is just a mix of flavor, sugar and water. It is good to make candy type of ice cream with citrus food. Technically it is not an ice cream, we will call it as frozen dessert. You can mix it with stone ice cream, roll ice cream or any other type of ice cream, but it should be without milk base as it will spoil the taste.

These are the important fruit which are extensively liked with ice cream. You can mix fruits with ice cream rolls and Stone Ice Cream or many other type of ice cream. You can experiment any fruit with ice cream. You can judge whether it is good with vanilla or not and whether it is good with high cream ice cream or low cream ice cream.  Similarly you can try any other fruit.

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