Ice Crusher

            Hindchef is a prominent manufacturer and supplier for the commercial kitchen equipments used in hotel, ice-cream parlours and Bakery. Hindchef is supplying Electric Ice Crusher. It works with Electric power so now don’t need to crush the ice by hand. It is used at ice cream parlour, Hotel and catering Industry. It is appreciated for its optimum performance, reliability and Longer functional life. It works fast than the traditional ice crusher were used in the earlier times by hands.  It is easy and safe to use.  Switch on the machine and pour some ice in it. Now press the lever and get the crushed ice.

Ice CrusherIce crusher

  • Power:380W
  • Volts:220V/50Hz
  • Size:31*40*41cm
  • Weight:6.5Kgs
  • Speed:2000 Rpm
  • Capacity:4kg/min
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  • Lower Power consumption
  • Efficient Performance
  • Longer functional Life
  • Sharp Blades
  • High Durability with Stainless Steel
  • Easy and Quick Crush
  • Space Saving machine
  • Need for Low Maintenance
  • easy to Clean

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