Belgian Waffle Premix

We are the leading Manufacturer and supplier Belgian waffle premix which makes delicious waffles and easy to make Waffles. Our premix is 100% Vegetarian with all the nutrition values. We are providing Chocolate, Vanilla etc  flavors for Belgian waffle premix. We have many customers all over India.

Belgian waffle Vanilla

  • Packaging: 1 kg
  • Shelf life: 3 months
  • Storage: Cool and dry (at room temperature)
  • Offer Price: Rs. 150/kg + GST
  • Moisture proof vacuum packing
  • Optimum freshness
  • Makes light and crispy waffles

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Belgian WaffleHow to make Belgian Waffle?

  1. Mix 750 ml of Milk/R.O water & 200 gm of yellow butter with 1 kg of premix.
  2. Blend well water and premix using commercial blender to get perfect product.
  3. Let the batter rest for 5-10 mins after mixing to get better results.
  4. Pour blended mix to machine directly.
  5. Never Mix two different batches of mix without washing utensil & machine properly.
  6. After blending mix into water/milk, it should be always stored at 4⁰C.

Baking Temp: 180 to 200 degree C

Baking Time: 5 min

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