Company Profile:

Hindchef is the leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipments. We provide all kinds of industrial machines for commercial kitchen use. Our Founders Mr. Sudhir Solanki and Mr. Jaiveer have led this company up to peak with their great vision. Their belief in the company has made a place amongst the top rated companies today.With the entrepreneurial spirit, Hindchef has gained national leadership by serving several clients satisfactorily.

We are a team of young and enthusiastic manufacturer. We are dealing in some of the most amazing food machines ever produced like Softy Ice-cream machine, Roll Ice-cream Machine, Gelato Ice-cream Machine, Frozen yogurt, Cold Stone Machine, Pizza Cone Machine, Waffle Cone machine etc.

World is full of pizza, softy, Ice cream lovers. But do you know how your perfect taste is made? Yes, Hindchef makes machines which provide you with your favorite food with perfection in everything like taste, shape etc. We are nationally developed as one of the best sellers of standard and customized machines with integrated equipment like Softy Ice-cream machine, Roll Ice-cream Machine, Gelato Ice-cream Machine, Frozen yogurt, Cold Stone Machine, Pizza Cone Machine, Waffle Cone machine etc. All machines in Hindchef are made with excellence.

Hindchef, is not just a name but it is associated with Expertise, Commitment, and Values. Starting from a small company in back years, we started this journey. Now we have a name and a brand associated with Hindchef Pvt. Ltd. With the help of quality, durability and after sale services, our graph of growth has always been vertical.

Having the experience of over 12 years, we have seen the time changing drastically. Also, we know the importance of changing with the dynamically changing environment. Manual making of the machine is an old idea now; it is the time for going digital. Machines here are modeled with even small details. This is possible with the help of latest computer technology that we use. It is important to get the perfect size and shape of the machine. Also, the inner technology is based on the computerized system so that the working of machines is impeccable.

The motto of Hindchef Company is to provide customers with types of equipment that fulfill their demands and suit their particular inclination. This concern is exhibited in what we deliver. With dedication, skill and understanding the value of customers, Hindchef has come this far. We work on the core values of ethics, discipline, commitment, trust, and transparency.

We can proudly say that we have a list of happy and satisfied customers throughout the nation. Our machine has been delivered in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Bihar, Guwahati, Mumbai, Meghalaya, Kerala, Orissa, Udaipur, Ghaziabad and many more. We also have some international customers from Nepal and Qatar.

Hindchef is not limited to just providing machines. We are ready for all kinds of business solutions. Under this, training is an integral part. It is provided for free in Delhi. But we have a long record of nationwide customers. For their convenience and on demand, training can also be provided at their place which will be chargeable. Besides this, Hindchef also helps in setting up its customers’ business.

Hindchef is keen to provide after sales services and answer all your queries, whenever any client requires. That’s why we have numerous happy clientele from nationwide and its graph increasing day by day. Our team also provide the best solutions and suggestions to the new entrepreneurs who start this evergreen concept.

Our Company also provides franchise and dealership options at amazing offers with lucid rules and regulations. We have several dealers and franchisor nationwide. It is a profitable approach that’s why it is moving toward new heights.

The Hindchef team is working hard and pushing itself up. It is devoted to providing the best standard product so that you can grow. Association with the team of Hindchef has always been beneficial to our customers.


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